Glass for MP_M and M

9.99 EUR

I think this will interest you. These are custom glasses especially for your beautiful character.
These glasses are suitable for both men and women, all specially for you.
This price includes all 8 models and a huge number of beautiful textures for them.

Below is one screenshot from each glasses, but if you need, you can contact me and I will provide more screenshots:
1. e593ab55f14a1248838be5f72291c2baed7b266e.png
3. e7874a7daf561550e8f7ee992dd2117891475130.png
4. 3054e4a81ff9bafd0ad6d2e1c3f4c4d04fa1612a.png
5. 56475d407e872f158fe08eaff7701b7a625529c3.png
6. ff2928c90e810a98404c2fd89822c546cdf3784c.png
7. c75ebbccbababae4c9a29e4c0629ba3f163a2e04.png
8. 8fc8887fdd817f740ad638cd45b6e64bc984bab3.png

Each texture is hand made, so I guarantee my quality for everything I provide.

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